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Update: PocketSpheres App

A Letter from the CEO:

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your usage, interest and feedback on the Spheres iPhone app.  With your involvement, we have begun a new and exciting era for the company and its cause;  providing photo sharing technology-on your terms.  We felt that it was time to share major developments with you.


An overwhelming number of users appreciate the privacy features foremost.  We have accelerated the development of new features which further reinforce your privacy, while giving you the option to share only your photos on social networks.  Other photos posted in the spheres will remain in the control of its originator.


We are minimizing the steps and changing navigational aids so that the first user experience will be even more effortless.


We are upgrading our security and hosting services so that you have the highest comfort that your photos will remain – only your photos.

Sneak peak of Version 3.0:

Here are a couple screen shots of Spheres 3.0 that is currently is development and will be released soon.


Read the Custom Essays review

As carried out by a Chartered Legal Executive review, actual based in the Ukraine

Updated: 1st December 2014

The review below was prepared by a qualified legal executive and gives an impartial report on the offers and claims made by Custom Essays via their website at All details are correct at the time of publication.

A team bondng and trust exercise

Trust and transparency

  • Custom Essays do not accept visitors.
  • They claim to be based at 124 Blair Athol Road, Sheffield S11 7GD which is a residential terraced house. However there is substantial evidence freely available online to show that they are a Ukrainian company.

    See for example:

  • Custom Essays is not a registered data controller. They guarantee full confidentiality but this is not supported in their terms.
Architecture plans and nuts and bolts of a custom made design

Originality and quality of work

  • Custom Essays guarantee that their work is 100% plagiarism free, and state that if you prove that your paper contains plagiarism they guarantee a full refund.
  • Custom Essays guarantee satisfaction and state that your paper will be revised until it is perfect. Of interest, in their terms and conditions they reserve the right to use “any relevant materials available – books, journals, newspapers, interviews, online publications and others – unless the client indicates some specific sources to be used”.
  • Custom Essays recruit through Academia Research ( to which we applied and were accepted. They conduct no checks whatsoever as to qualifications or identity as is evident from their application form ( which requests a resume and samples of work but no qualification or ID documents. All orders (regardless of subject or standard) are visible in the researcher control panel and typical fees paid to writers for an entire paper are $9 – $15.
A customer service headset on top of a laptop

Customer service

  • Customer service before the order was okay, although the operators do not sound English.
  • Poor post-sales customer service due to late delivery of essay and non delivery of requested amendments and no help provided for locating sources.
A pile of used books ready for resale

No resale/republish

  • Custom Essays state that once the essay is paid for, the copyright belongs to the Customer which presumably means it would not be resold or republished.
A money jar overspilling

Value for money

  • Custom Essays charge £64.80 / 1,000 words / undergraduate 2:1 essay. Custom Essays’ writer fees are typically $9 – $15 for the entire paper. Custom Essays charge fees that do not allow them the margin to hire professional UK writers at going rates to complete the work, so regardless of the promises they make on their websites, this simply isn’t achievable. This explains the poor quality of the work they provided.
The lights from a fast moving car

Speed of service

  • Custom Essays promise “compensation for the breach of the order deadline in the form of a credit or a discount to be used towards your next order”. They state that late delivery will not result in a refund.
  • Our test order was delivered late. The rewrite was also late and totally irrelevant to what we had ordered. After complaining again about this and gone back and forth for two weeks with no progress we asked for a refund and eventually this was processed without letting us know.

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Adam Peterson

Founder and CEO

PocketSpheres, LLC

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The iPhone App Review and Recommendation of Spheres

Use Spheres to Quickly Share Photos

Spheres is an app by PocketSpheres that will make sharing photos with friends and family easier than ever before. Easy to use and simple to understand, this app should be a hit with anyone looking for an easy way to regularly share iOS photos.

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Apps400 Logo Reviews and Recommends Spheres



Memories are meant to be shared. They are never kept in a closed chamber away from others because they are meaningless until and unless they are attached with those who are related with those photos. For example, you take a photo of your college farewell with all your friends. Then you take a print of it and place it behind the closed doors of your album. On the other hand, if you share them on Facebook or Instagram, there will be others joining you and soon you’ll be flooded with comments and likes from all spheres of your friend circle.

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Spheres 2.2 is a free download at iTunes

For more information on PocketSpheres LLC, go to

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Photo Sharing Battle: Facebook, Twitter and Google

Google and Facebook begin offering privacy features while Twitter turns on public photo sharing only.

Facebook got attacked, hard and effectively, from two fronts today. Both Twitter and Google announced new features that compete with Facebook’s killer service: photo sharing. Worse, they attacked it in the very two places it shows weakness: Twitter just made public photo sharing a cornerstone of its experience, while Google+ made sharing with small groups (like your family and select friends) both easier and more effective. All told, it probably wasn’t the best morning in Menlo Park today.

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TUAW Features Spheres in the Daily App Review

Daily App: Spheres for iOS is a new way to share photos with family and friends

Spheres is a clever take on photo sharing from iOS devices. Open the app and take a picture, or load one from your camera roll. The picture goes to the cloud, and people that you assign to a group — called a ‘Sphere’ — will receive the photos without having to do anything if they are also running the app. Other individuals can be contacted via email or text message, and they receive a link to view the photos in a browser. Photos can also be shared with social networks including Facebook and Twitter. (more…)


A Guide To Fixing The Latest Privacy Attacks

Surely, the fact that Google GOOG-0.04% and Facebook FB+0.64% both chose this week to again erode your privacy had to be coincidental. But Thursday, Facebook was out with a small change that affects millions of users who tried to make themselves a bit harder to find and Friday, Google followed with a plan to put your recommendations and photos in the center of advertisements. The former may not have affected you, but serves as a reminder to go through Facebook’s still byzantine privacy settings to make sure strangers see your page as you want them too. Whereas in Google’s case, it’s easy to opt out, but it’s important to understand that the move signals an end to what might be looked at as the benevolent era of Google+. The following will step you through what happened, why it was done, and how to adjust your settings to deal with it.

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